Nick Ellsworth's web portfolio

Nick Ellsworth

NYC-based creative web developer. Here's some stuff you may find fun or weird.


Elastic physics simulation (mostly working)


Procedrual drum loop generator

Gif screen saver2018

Prevent dead pixels with internet art

Knob2016 (updated 2018)

Customizable knob interface


Timekeeping device

Flip Grid2018

Hover effect demo

Ambience Generator2017

Spatial audio toy for ambient sounds

Clavier Party2017

Multiplayer music "game"

CSS Hover card2017

Matte 3D effect using CSS


Word-to-word animation demo

Clumsy Typer2017

Semi-useless typing simulation

BPM Counter2016

Music tool for counting tempo

Delta for Youtube2016

Subtle Chrome plugin for extra Youtube UI

Tiny Interpolator2016

Barebones templating NPM module

Finger Trainer2016

Dexterity exercise for symbols on the keyboard

Emoji Text Converter2015

Converts emoji into pasteable text

Burger button2015

Burger button

Keyboard Simulator2015

Imagine you are using a keyboard while using a keyboard.


Multiplayer music sequencer

Other things I do:

Music2012 - Now

Bleeps, bloops, and miscellaneous blops

Photography2005 - Now

Pixels arranged neatly and with intention